Illegal Hits is a site under development. We intend to focus on the 2 or sometimes 3 sets of rules that the media, sports, government, education, hollywood etc... use. Wittle Tommy n Payton are treated and protected by the NFL referees far more than anyone else playing korter back in the NFL! How does a Non-Profit pay its CEO 45 MILLION DOLLARS? It was found that Bill Belecheat and the NE nonPatriots cheated!!... Period.... However they still posess and are recognized as Super Bowl winners?? WTF??? Barry "The Hulk" Bonds is kinda the OJ Simpson of MLB. We know what happened because were not stupid. It is no wonder that our Country has living in the White House what it does.

If Joe Biden, a bag of hammers and a box of rocks competed on Jeopardy Joe Biden would have a hard time coming in fourth. Kinda like Chris Mathews should have never even been allowed to digrase the Jeopardy stage set!

To be continued..................

















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